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We understand the popularity of concrete among homeowners in Lawrence. Its versatility, durability, and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for various outdoor areas. Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home is our specialty, and we offer a range of decorative concrete options.

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    Imagine a beautifully designed concrete patio that is perfectly poured and expertly finished. At Lawrence Concrete Company, we take pride in our expertise in patio pouring. Our dedicated team of contractors is committed to providing hassle-free services, including driveway repair and installation.

  • Factors to Consider When Choosing a Concrete Contractor
    When choosing a contractor for your home, there are essential factors to consider. At Lawrence Concrete Company, we strive to exceed our client's expectations. With a variety of patio options and other services, we aim to fulfill your specific requirements. Rest assured, our skilled contractors have years of experience and can handle any concrete patio plan with ease.

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    We believe in delivering high-quality work at an affordable price. We understand that cost should not compromise the excellence of our services. Unlike other companies in Lawrence, we take pride in offering expert services at competitive prices.

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Concrete patios are an excellent choice for homeowners. Not only do they offer a multitude of benefits, but they also provide a customizable design to suit your home and landscape. Imagine having a patio that requires minimal maintenance and is allergen-free. That's the beauty of concrete patios. Unlike other patio materials, they are low-maintenance and perfect for those looking for a hassle-free outdoor space.

What's more, concrete patios are affordable, ranging from $3 to $6 per square foot, depending on the size and style you choose. However, it's important to note that additional features like flowers or benches may increase the cost. Additionally, in some areas, permits may be required, incurring an additional expense of $150 to $300.

When constructing a concrete patio, it's crucial to consider the weight it will bear. The thickness, reinforcement, and strength all depend on this factor. For a patio that can support heavy loads, we recommend using high-strength concrete with a rating of 5 to 6,000 PSI. To enhance its tensile strength, reinforcing mesh or rebar can be incorporated. If you're looking for an option that's both visually appealing and cost-effective, stamped concrete is a popular choice. Not only is it easier to install, but it's also more budget-friendly. With proper maintenance, it can endure for decades while being environmentally friendly.

Investing in a concrete patio can not only enhance the value of your home but also minimize tripping hazards. However, it's important to keep in mind that the price of your concrete patio will depend on factors such as the type, quality, and thickness of the concrete, as well as any additional features and permits required. For longevity, we recommend selecting a high-quality mix that includes reinforcing fibers.

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Here are six maintenance tips for a concrete patio:

  • Regular cleaning: Sweep your concrete patio frequently to remove debris, dirt, and leaves. Use a garden hose to rinse off any remaining dirt or stains. If you have stubborn stains, you can use a pressure washer with a fan nozzle to remove them. Be careful not to use too much pressure, as it can damage the surface of the concrete.

  • Sealing: Apply a high-quality sealer every one to three years to protect your concrete patio from weathering, moisture, and stains. Before sealing, make sure the patio is completely dry and clean. Use a roller or sprayer to apply the sealer and let it dry according to the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals: Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach, ammonia, or acid-based cleaners on your concrete patio. These chemicals can damage the surface and cause discoloration.

  • Remove stains promptly: If you spill something on your concrete patio, clean it up as soon as possible to prevent stains from setting in. Use a gentle cleaner and a soft brush to remove the stain.

  • Keep plants away: Avoid placing potted plants directly on the concrete patio, as the moisture from the pots can leave stains on the surface. Use plant stands or saucers to elevate the pots.

  • Fix cracks: If you notice any cracks in your concrete patio, fix them as soon as possible. Cracks can allow water to seep in and cause further damage. Use a concrete patching compound to fill in the crack, and then seal the area to prevent future damage.

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At Lawrence Concrete Company, we understand that your trust is invaluable. That's why we place great emphasis on providing accurate and comprehensive estimates right from the start. Our team of dedicated professionals takes the time to assess your project thoroughly, ensuring that we capture every detail and requirement. We believe that by building this foundation of trust, we can create a strong and lasting partnership.

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We truly appreciate the importance of trust. That's why we offer complimentary estimates, empowering you to make well-informed decisions without any financial strain. Our team of experts is committed to delivering exceptional service every step of the way, starting from the moment you contact us until your project is successfully finished.

Rest assured, you'll experience a level of service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

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Every job is manageable for us, and we are happy to work with you to create a custom solution that meets your specific needs.

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We value flawless installations and exceptional results. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship drives us to surpass ordinary standards, ensuring perfection from preparation to finishing. Even the smallest imperfections can diminish the surface's appeal and usability, motivating us to achieve excellence in every detail.

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We deeply understand the significance of a positive customer experience as the cornerstone of a successful business. Therefore, we consistently surpass expectations to provide clients with unparalleled service and the utmost professionalism. Our unwavering commitment to building enduring relationships is rooted in trust, transparency, and mutual respect.

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We pride ourselves on staying abreast of the latest trends and techniques in concrete installation. Our commitment to ongoing learning and professional development ensures that we always provide cutting-edge solutions for our clients. Whether it's exploring new decorative finishes or implementing sustainable practices, we strive to exceed industry standards.

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